Focused. On-Time. Organized. Clutter-Free… Yes, Dreams Do Come True!

The Gazelle Planner is a guided productivity goal planning tool to help improve all areas of life. Going from scattered with sticky notes everywhere, to a single planner that holds schedules, notes, and details for future projects… This one planner is a relief for anyone who wants to achieve peace of mind, happiness, and daily success!


  • AN OPTIMIZED AND WELL RESEARCHED PLANNER: Planned & Tested to increase your focus and productivity!
  • GUIDED FOCUS SYSTEM: The Gazelle Planner 1-2-3 step system keeps you focused on long term goals as well as monthly, weekly, and daily goals. It feels great to finally pull it all together!
  • PROJECT PLANNING WORKSHEETS: Plan projects using the Gazelle Planner Project Planning section and always know the next step.
  • DAILY PAGES: The Gazelle Planner helps you plan your day incorporating your To Do List, scheduled events, and planned projects all on one page! This planning system brings results!
  • VISION BOARD: Add your goals and dreams to the Gazelle Planner Vision Board and then follow the system to help them come true.
  • IT FEELS GREAT TO BE ORGANIZED: Enter your ideas on the Gazelle Planner Master List so you have all your ideas in one place instead of on sticky notes and pieces of paper. Ah…

Become more organized and efficient as you follow the system to quickly review your long term goals, monthly, weekly and daily goals. This is a 6-month planner with 184 daily pages allowing you to schedule and plan Monday through Sunday. The Gazelle Planner is an undated planner so if you miss a day, no problem. The daily schedule features a 24-hour day starting at 5 a.m. This planner notebook includes 12 undated monthly calendars with a Weekly Planner column, project planners, a two-page vision board spread, and a Master List for things to do. The hardback binding lays flat and includes an expandable pocket on the inside back cover. An elastic strap keeps your pages secure. Increase your organization and become more productive and achieve more overall satisfaction. Printed on high quality 100gsm 68# white paper. The overall size is 6 inches X 9 inches. Page count is 268 pages with additional pages of instructions and examples.

24 Hour Schedule
around the clock planning

Detailed Things to Do List
Organizing and planning Things to Do before adding them to Today’s Schedule

The daily page is designed to help you stay focused on major projects, monthly goals, weekly goals, and daily goals.
The daily page is designed to help you stay focused on major projects, monthly goals, weekly goals, and daily goals.