My Story

A planner is more than a book of To Do Lists… it’s more than a Dream Board. A planner is a System to get me where I want to go… a way to become the person I want to become… and a reminder for me to have FUN as I reach my destination!

The Gazelle Planner was started out of my desire to consolidate all of my to-do lists and sticky notes into one planner notebook. I had tried multiple online productivity planning software programs but when I turned off the computer I got busy with life and forgot about my things to do list so I had to write them down. And again… the pieces of paper started piling up on my desk and in my car and more sticky notes appeared around the edges of my laptop screen. I then turned to notebook planners. After trying several organizer planner journals, I decided to create my own daily planner.

I needed something that I could wake up with as I drank my morning cup of coffee… a system that would take my fuzzy morning brain and walk me through the steps I needed to take to create my to do list for today with consideration for what I wanted to accomplish during the coming weeks and months.

I tested my planner for 5 months, recruiting everyone I knew to join in. I refined the pages and designed the layout to create the optimum flow to increase focus and productivity. And then with great excitement, I found a printer and full-scale production began in March of 2017.

I am passionate about the Gazelle Planner and I hope you find that this systematic planner helps you as much as it’s helped me.

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