Simply told, clutter holds us back. When our lives are overfilled with old stuff and old thoughts, there’s no room for new opportunities and new blessings.

“Clutter” is different for each person. It can be material things or brain things. Is your clutter paper, trinkets, collections, clothes, tools, books or boxes? Or is your clutter negative thinking, anger, competition or mental baggage causing you stress and worry? What is the clutter in your life?

When you are burdened with clutter it is difficult to move forward. It’s as if there is a clutter whirlpool swirling around you. This clutter can be physically in the way, for example, boxes of paper in every room of the house, or mentally exhausting, for example, stress about a thought or feeling you just can’t get past.

Imagine clearing out all of the clutter… clearing everything away that is a burden in your life. If the clutter is gone, the oppression will be lifted and you will feel free to move forward to grow friendships, complete projects and take better care of yourself and loved ones. With the clutter gone you can start becoming the person you are designed to be. Living in a clutter free environment expands the room for new ideas and your personal greatness will shine.

In the Gazelle Planner, use the row called Declutter to track your daily victories. Removing just one clutter today means it won’t be in your life tomorrow. Small victories today brings greater victories tomorrow.

Declutter Row on Daily Page in the Gazelle Planner
On the Gazelle Planner Daily Page

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